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A purveyor of deep, infectious, house grooves. Never afraid to go too deep, DJ Lucky Santiago’s emotive musical selections are his own therapy. 


His legacy dates to over 30 years, starting as a dancer in the streets of Newark, New Jersey.


Having grown up on his mother and father’s eclectic combination of disco, funk, blues, and jazz-infused with his own love for hip-hop, electronica, and classical music; DJ Lucky Santiago was introduced to a diverse spectrum of music from great musicians across the world.  

Today, his music translates into harmonious, deep, hypnotic melodic sounds where he cultivates and infuses all the pieces of the music that he is passionate about - synth work, basslines, drums, piano, and occasional vocal hooks on top of an invigorating, foot-shuffling house beat.


DJ Lucky Santiago relies upon his musical abilities to compose a passionate, yet emotional set. You will NEVER hear the same ole songs. Be prepared to take a walk down memory lane.